Now that Oregon has officially legalized recreational marijuana, Portland International Airport is allowing passengers traveling within the state to carry up to 1 ounce of marijuana with them.

Don’t worry, though—they’ll still be getting plenty of harassment from the TSA.

Officials told KPTV that if the TSA finds marijuana, they’ll alert the Port Police. The police will then have to check your boarding pass and ID to ensure you’re over 21 and traveling within the state.

And, of course, if you are traveling between state lines, you'll have to abandon your marijuana at the airport.

KPTV conducted some amusing interviews with locals on the subject, one of whom is not going to stand the injustice of marijuana getting a pass while she still can’t take hairspray onboard.

"I'm not anti-marijuana but I'm pro-hairspray,” Verena Douglas told the station. “I would really like to have some hairspray or some shampoo. What's shampoo going to do to somebody? Why can't I take my shampoo on a plane? I think it's a little lopsided. Silly, it's actually silly.”