In this day and age, Brooklyn Law School's newest offer reads like something you're more likely to find in science fiction than in real life.

But the school promises that it is not too good to be true.

Brooklyn Law School announced Monday that they will be offering a 15 percent tuition refund to graduates who aren't able to find jobs of their choice within nine months of getting their legal degree, CNN Money reported.

The program, called Bridge to Success, will begin with the freshman class of 2015.

"Some students need more time and support than others to find that all-important first job to start a worthwhile career," Nicholas W. Allard, president and dean of Brooklyn Law School, said in a news release. "Bridge to Success is designed to ease the pressure for some students to settle for any job to pay for living expenses and pay off loans."

The law school said its job placement record for the last two years has been about 90 percent. To qualify for the program, students must be working with the career services center and be planning to take the bar exam.

The school has budgeted for about 10 percent of its students to use the refund program, though they believe the actual number will be lower.

The maximum cost of tuition at the school is $130,000 and the maximum refund available would be $19,000.

The payment will be made in one lump sum. Allard said it is meant to act as a safety net that will help give students more time to find "meaningful, full-time employment," the school said in a statement.