A British man has started a crowdfunding site and is calling on the people of Europe to bail out the people of Greece. So far he's gained some traction--over 60,000 people have donated more than €1 million.

Time reported that Thom Feeney, a marketing manager who lives in the U.K., decided he would do his part to solve the Greek financial crisis by rallying sympathetic Europeans on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo.

"Decided to solve the Greek Debt Crisis via crowdfund. All I need is for everyone in EU to buy a feta and olive salad," Feeney tweeted with a link to the site.

The site includes perks you can purchase, and part of the funds would go to the Greek bailout:

-a donor can receive a postcard of the Greek prime minister for €3
-Greek feta and olive salad for €6
-a bottle of ouzo for €10
-a bottle of Greek wine for €25
-a Greek food basket for €160
-a Greek holiday for two, €5,000
-the love and gratitude of the European people for €1,000,000

Unfortunately, the campaign ends in a week, and under Indiegogo rules if a project does not receive full funding by the deadline, the money is returned.

Not that the unfinished funds would help much. Greece needs €1.6 billion.