New York City Mayor Bloomberg is a man of big, ridiculous ideas that seem to either land him in hot water or make him the laughing stock of nanny-state, progressive politicians. It appears he’s moved on from restricting the freedoms of individual Americans by suggesting that soda should no longer be sold in amounts greater than 16oz (because you know, banning large fountain sodas from individuals will curb the obesity epidemic in America). Bloomberg is now suggesting that the federal government should assign immigrants to various cities like Detroit and if they survive seven years in Detroit without accepting government assistance and without getting arrested, they should be allowed to stay in the United States.

He believes that immigrants will be good for cities like Detroit because they will create jobs, help the high unemployment rates, fix schools and housing, and work hard. “Since they value education, they’d make a big fuss and demand the schools get better,” Bloomberg told a forum hosted by the New England Council yesterday. “Immigrants have a very low crime rate, so that you certainly don’t have to worry about that. They’d create businesses.”

Bloomberg did not specify whether or not he was talking about legal or illegal immigrants, but one can only infer that he was speaking about illegal immigrants, as legal immigrants are already allowed to stay in the United States.

Not only is Bloomberg promoting what is essentially amnesty, the blanket granting of citizenship to illegal immigrants, but he is putting the burden of law-breaking persons upon U.S. cities and charging these individuals with fixing the cities in which they are placed.

For Bloomberg to suggest that criminals (yes, the term “illegal” that precedes “immigrants” indicates that a law has been broken) should be given a chance to prove that they can be good, responsible citizens is laughable. These individuals have already disrespected the laws currently in place in this country by entering its borders illegally. Furthermore, he stated that they have a “low crime rate” which is interesting considering that 100 percent of illegal immigrants are, by definition and by their mere existence in the United States, criminals.

This is highly disrespectful to the millions of legal immigrants present in the United States and the many who are in the process of becoming legal citizens. These men and women possess a respect for our borders, our laws and our way of life and are willing to go through the proper channels to receive legal status, and with this new proposal, Bloomberg is essentially yanking the rug out from under them by granting citizenship to those who skirted the law.

The other point to be made here is that Detroit, though it has a perpetually bad reputation, is essentially thrown under the bus. Bloomberg’s proposal supposes that the citizens of Detroit are incapable of turning things around, unable to purchase and repair “houses that are derelict” and so they should be grateful to have a bunch of hard-working, law-breakers in their midst. He said of the immigrants, “They’d get the jobs helping fix up the houses. They’d be in the schools. They’d be driving the buses.  They’d be starting businesses of their own, because they’d see how other people can do it."

But what if Detroit were to stand up and say, “No – we don’t want criminals here tasked with improving our city”? It would certainly be an interesting 10th amendment battle were it to ever occur.

Bloomberg gets credit for at least being a man of ideas – but his ideas are fatally flawed.

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