Rapper T.I. felt the fury of #BlackLivesMatter on Sunday when he refused to subscribe to the group's propaganda and tried to address black-on-black violence.

The rapper tweeted a picture of two young black men who were gunned down by another black man and said that #BlackLivesMatter needed to address this in order to make any real difference.

Within minutes, #BlackLivesMatter supporters attacked the rapper over his comments saying that the real fight is against institutional racism with police. One person even commented that black-on-black violence doesn't even really exist.

The truth is of course that far more black men are gunned down every year by other black men than by the police. The FBI reported that 2,491 black people were killed in 2013, and more than 90 percent of the victims were murdered by other African Americans. 136 unarmed African Americans were killed by cops in 2012 according to The Washington Post.