Riots broke out in Milwaukee, Wisc. on Saturday and Sunday after a black police officer shot and killed an armed African-American man.

The protests quickly turned from peaceful vigils to violence when #BlackLivesMatter activists and criminals began looting and burning businesses. In two days of protests, half a dozen businesses were burned to the ground, people have been beaten, and a police officer was injured by a rock thrown into his car window.

Violence was racially motivated; camera phones caught the rioters demanding that others attack and beat any white person.

Their calls for racial violence and looting had nothing to do with inequality, systemic racism, or vigilante justice.

The #BlackLivesMatter activists involved in these beatings and racially motivated attacks are betraying civil rights icons of the 1960s like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who called for equality regardless of skin color.

The video below shows how #BlackLivesMatter's actions in Milwaukee are at odds with MLK's words: