Fox News has always been known for showing deep concern for the American individual, so it’s no surprise to hear that Bill O’Reilly is sorry to see “Stewart has been fired” from the Daily Show.

O’Reilly's issue wasn’t just the injustice of “Stewart being fired,” as he joked. It was also a fear that Stewart would be lost without his public opportunity to bash Fox News.

“I’m worried about Stewart. No longer will he have a TV show to mock Fox News. Will he go door to door?”

O’Reilly thinks there is still something that ordinary people may be able to do for Stewart.

“If you are concerned for Jon Stewart’s welfare, as I am, and you see him on the street, gently talk to him about Fox News, let him vent to you about us. It’s the humane thing to do.”

Meanwhile, in his final days at the Daily Show, Jon Stewart will be giving his conservative enemies one last chance to tell him ‘f—k off’, according to Page Six.

(h/t RawStory)