Bill Nye "the Science Guy" stars in a viral video short for BigThink, pitching the pro-choice message with pop science. Unfortunately, the video is more “pop” than “science.” The clip has been watched over 9 million times, and has gone viral within the pro-choice (sometimes called anti-life) online community.

The nation’s favorite Science Guy goes on a rambling pseudo-explanation of how a fertilized egg might not implant in a woman’s uterine wall, and if it doesn’t, the fertilized egg does not develop – it does not survive. What does this have to do with abortion, again?

He says that without microscopes and scientists, we would not know the size of a human egg. That’s true. And the pro-life movement does not deny it. Last I checked, the size of something does not determine whether or not it is alive. Mountain? Very big, not alive. Mosquito? Small, definitely alive.

We grew up watching Bill Nye teach us about the states of matter, the solar system, and simple machines – because he was teaching. This video is rambling, and Nye seems compassionate and exasperated. He’s the very mad parent who insists “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.”

Here are some things that Nye never mentions:

1. What constitutes biological life

2. What constitutes a human

3. When a fertilized egg has its own unique DNA (after conception, before implantation

4. Differences between abortion and miscarriage

It’s as if the institutional left got a hold of him and said, “Great job with the science stuff. You know what would make it better for us? If you left out most of the facts.”

The only facts remaining are ones so basic that almost no one would seriously dispute them. “My mother was a woman, just for example. They’re everywhere!” Well, duh. Nobody on the left or right is arguing that women do not exist in large numbers all around the globe.

Science is about testing a premise from all angles, and Nye asks viewers to do the opposite – to stop debating. “We have other problems to solve, everybody!” he implores. And he’s right – but what is also true is that science can be used to look at more than one problem. He should know – he’s the one who taught us.

This reductive take on human reproductive biology does a disservice to Nye’s fans, who are smarter than this – in part because they learned from him as kids to think critically and logically.