The insanity surrounding all things related to the Confederacy continues in the People's Republic of California.

Newly elected Democratic State Senator Steven Glazer recently sponsored a bill to prohibit California from naming schools, government buildings, parks, and roads after fallen Confederate leaders. According to the Sacramento Bee, the bill advanced in a Senate committee vote on Tuesday.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the state has two public schools that are named after General Robert E. Lee, five markers erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy that dot the Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway System, and one street named after Stonewall Jackson.

"(This bill) will sweep away the last vestiges of honor to the Confederacy," Glazer gleefully exclaimed to Bloomberg News.

The bill, however, will exempt the name of cities. This includes Fort Bragg, which is named after Confederate General Braxton Bragg.

Banning the names of Confederate generals will surely improve the lives of black Californians far more than supporting school choice, clamping down on sanctuary cities, or increasing economic opportunities.