Bernie Sanders really fooled his supporters. Campaigning as a man of integrity, he fooled them all into believing he had a consistent record for decades and wouldn't sell out on his principles.

Well, after a year railing against the rich, capitalism, and prosperity, the Vermont senator rewarded himself by purchasing his third home.

According to Seven Days, Sanders bought a four-bedroom beachfront home on the Champlain Islands for $600,000. Who knew that a socialist could live so large?

“We've traveled up to the islands many times over the years — almost always on day trips," Sanders' wife told Seven Days in a statement. "We've been impressed with the North Hero community, eaten at the North Hero House and Shore Acres and have suggested them to friends who were looking for a beautiful place to stay or have dinner. St. Anne's Shrine in Isle La Motte is my favorite church and it is nearby."

This is Sanders third home, he has a home in Burlington and a row house in Washington, D.C.

For a man who dislikes capitalism, it hasn't been too bad for him.

Sanders was never the epitome of socialist principles that he presented himself as: He demanded a private plane ride in exchange for endorsing Hillary Clinton and he flip-flopped on amnesty in exchange for a $7.5 million summer jobs program for Vermont.

If Sanders supporters were really interested in integrity, they should have supported Ron Paul.