In his latest book, Dr. Paul Kengor is addressing and analyzing same-sex marriage in a new light that many, especially young people, would most likely never hear about.

Calling the recent Supreme Court ruling and the subsequent increasing acceptance of homosexuality a "watershed moment in American cultural history," Kengor's book Takedown: From Communists to┬áProgressives, How the Left has Sabotaged Family and Marriage explores the topic's history from Karl Marx to modern progressives.

In an exclusive interview with Red Alert Politics, Kengor, a professor, explained that it was his background expertise on the history of Communism and Marxism that led him to see the connection between the ideologies.

"This all fits in with the far-left, long-time, two-century-old agenda of redefining, reshaping, and even trying to abolish the natural, traditional, biblical family.  So what I'm doing in this book is I'm explaining the history, the kind of darker, deeper, radical history to this movement that people don't know," he said.

"And very important point -- In no way does this mean that the typical same-sex marriage supporter is a communist. It doesn't. It obviously doesn't. But it does mean the typical same-sex marriage supporter has no idea that their advocacy of same-sex marriage fits this older, darker, more sinister agenda by the radical left."

His thesis is sure to resonate and spark great debate between academics and other historians of the Cold War era, but for Millennials, Kengor realizes the challenge.

Citing the "horribly biased liberal universities" that often fail to teach the "history of the communist, totalitarian movement [and] radical socialist utopians," he said Millennials often lack the background knowledge to understand the connection and history of the same-sex movement.

Though there is plenty of history to back him up, getting Millennials to look at same-sex marriage in a different way when popular culture is already so far entrenched in acceptance, may prove an impossible challenge for Kengor.

A recent Pew Research Center poll found that 73 percent of Millennials are in favor of same-sex marriage.  And it's not just these "new-fangled, hip young people" that have embraced the progressive change. The same poll showed that even today's grandparents and parents are more likely to favor same-sex marriage today than just ten years ago.

To the many Millennials who were quick to celebrate and display their support of the recent Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage -- Kengor warns them to take a step back and think of the precedent redefining a term means for the future.

"You might love the fact right now that your able to redefine the definition of marriage to accompany same-sex couples, but you're not gonna like it when other people start to come up with their own definition of marriage you don't like," he said.

Kengor acknowledges people's immediate reaction of the connection to the history of the left and communism as being pegged "crazy, conspiracy stuff," and is under no false illusions that the reality of same-sex marriages progression forward in American culture can be totally reversed.

"I don't know if I'm going to change any of their minds, but at the very least they should know about it," he said.

Trying to educate people to fully understand the history and different sides of an issue, especially one as controversial as same-sex marriage, so that they can appreciate and understand other's views sounds tolerant and not at all radical.  And tolerance is what the left says they really want for same-sex marriage, right?

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