Despite her hateful comments about America last week and subsequent donut abuse, Ariana Grande's fans are coming to the singer's aid by posting selfies of themselves with donuts.

Her fans are posting the selfies under the hashtag #LickDonutsWithAri.

This creative show of support comes after surveillance video caught Grande saying last week, “What the f–k is that? I hate Americans. I hate America," and then licking donuts on display that she did not buy.

Grande was quick to issue the mandatory apology via statement and followed it up with a video she posted to YouTube titled, "sorry babes."

Mashable reported that the instagram account  @lick_donuts_with_ari  started the trend asking fans to submit their donut-licking selfies with the hashtag.

Her fans don't seem to be too bothered by her unpatriotic sentiments.

The young star's teen army was quick to whip out their smartphones and make duck lips for a cute selfie.