At a Donald Trump rally in Colorado Springs, Trump supporters and anti-Trump protestors joined together to chant "lock her up," according to The College Fix. 

The chant, implying that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton should have been indicted by the FBI, was not the only chant time the protestors and supporters were united. About 100 protesters at the rally joined in on chants of “USA, USA, USA!” with Trump supporters.

The rally, held at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS), drew criticism after approximately 115 UCCS professors expressed disapproval of Trump’s visit. However, many anti-Trump protesters said that his campus visit was a good thing because it allowed the political process to unfold.

Anti-Trump protester Matthew Fernandez, who held a sign that read “Open Arms Makes Us Great” outside the rally, told The College Fix he believes he has more in common with Trump supporters than differences. Fernandez said Trump's visit was “a good thing” and “healthy,” and he believes that the best way to let people know that they disagree with Trump’s message is to “let them hear him talk” instead of restricting Trump from speaking on campus.

Crystal Craven, organizer of the “Love Trumps Hate” counter-protest, also believed it was valuable to hear Donald Trump speak at UCCS, despite her ideological differences. Craven told The College Fix that if Americans restrict speech, “Who have we become as a nation?”

The moment of unity, when protesters joined in the "lock her up" chant, proves that many people on both sides are against Hillary Clinton.

Watch the video below: