Ron Paul supporters looking for the 'next' Dr. Paul now that the Republican Congressman from Texas is retiring after 16 years in the House of Representatives are chasing unicorns, says Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.).

Amash, a freshman Congressman who is often suggested by libertarians as a potential Paul successor, told attendees of Paul's "We are the Future" rally at University of Florida's Sundome on Sunday, however, that he doesn't see himself as 'the next Ron Paul.'

"There is no next Ron Paul. He is one of-a-kind," he said to cheers from the crowd. "No one can replace Ron Paul!"

"EVER!" yelled a passionate crowd member.

Amash criticized fellow Republicans in Congress for caving on issues like the debt ceiling, saying he supports compromise, when compromise is about the people, not politics.

"I think it's time we audit the RNC!" he said.

He went went on to talk about how the Ron Paul Revolution was expanding, though, and soon, the liberty movement would change the GOP from within.

"This movement is Ron Paul's legacy," he said. "Now it is our duty to grow it into the majority it can be!