During a rally on Tuesday in Lancaster, Pa., an 11-year-old boy named Zac who's father is suffering from a terminal illness reached out to Gov. Mike Pence for help, and there wasn't a dry eye left in the house.

"When you are elected, will you support 'The Right to Try [Act]?' Zac asked the Indiana governor. "My father and our friend Matt, they both have ALS, so they're dying."

Pence was moved to tears and walked off the stage to hug the young boy as a female family member cried into the microphone, "We need your help, his father doesn't have long to live."

"Thank you for sharing that with everyone here," Pence said. "I'm very proud that the state of Indiana signed the 'Right to Try' legislation into law and I promise you, I promise your dad, we're gonna take your incredibly powerful, courageous, inspirational example, we're gonna take it to Washington D.C., we're gonna get it done."

The Right to Try Act, which Pence signed into law in Indiana, allows terminally ill patients to use drugs prohibited by the federal government because they're considered experimental and not ready for the general public.

Zac's family explained that they have been lobbying Congress to get 'The Right to Try' passed. It currently has bipartisan support from 56 members of the U.S. House co-sponsoring it.

Watch the heartwarming moment below: