Donald Trump has found very little love in Tinseltown lately, but one actor said the billionaire's antics were amusing.

Michael Peña, featured in the upcoming superhero movie Ant-Man, couldn't believe Trump's campaign strategy.

“I thought it was a comedy skit at first. Whoever his campaign manager is, letting him go off on that rant, I was surprised,” he said in an interview with NBC News Latino on Wednesday.

“I thought it was funny, to be honest,” he added. “In one speech, he shunned a third of the country just like that.”

Neither Mexicans or Hispanics make up 33 percent of the country. Mexican-Americans comprise 11 percent while Latinos as a whole make up 17 percent.

Peña, who is Mexican-American, said that he was stunned by Trump's ascendancy to first place in the polls despite his comments that illegal immigrants from Mexico are bringing in drugs and crime.

“Immigration is too complex of a topic, and I never really believe polls. Whether he’s a frontrunner or not, where are they getting these polls?" he said.

Trump has come first or second place in polls conducted by Suffolk University/USA Today, Fox News, Monmouth University, and CNN.

(H/t The Hill)