Shirley Batchelder, an active 94-year-old, spends her days painting and organizing games at her retirement community in Franklin, Tennessee.

She was married for 57 years to her husband. She's mother of three children and has many grandchildren, reported WSMV-TV.

"He was dark curly hair, and he was just as handsome as could be," she said of her late husband to the television interviewer on Friday.

Despite such an active life, there was still one item on her bucket list that she didn't accomplish. At least, until this week.

She wanted to buy a five-second television ad to tell everyone an important message.

"Love one another, love one another," Batchelder said.

Batchelder explained that the audience had to choose how to act on her three-word message, but felt it was an important idea to spread.

WSMV Channel 4

(h/t The Blaze)