Evan McMullin is running as an independent candidate for president, offering himself as a true conservative alternative to the more liberal mainstream and third-party nominees.

Let’s be honest: McMullin has an extremely slim chance of winning the presidency. It’s a long way to the top and he would have to work very hard and campaign smart.

Despite that, unlike the mainstream candidates, he doesn't come with new credentials or a plethora of baggage. He comes onto the scene as a true conservative who has stood by his values.

With these values, he can hopefully bring new insight into this election and what is truly at stake.

Here are five reasons why McMullin would be good for millennials:

1.  Foreign Policy and National Security

Many millennials came of age during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and many are concerned about how the next president will handle U.S. military involvement overseas. Unlike a rookie or globalist approach, McMullin actually has hands-on experience working with foreign leaders. He has traveled throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia in his career as CIA intelligence officer. Throughout his tenure, he was active in helping create safer environments for our troops abroad. Apart from that, he has given a Ted Talk about how to fight genocide.

2.  The Economy

Are there jobs available for Generation Y? Millennials have literally seen jobs disappear right in front of them. They need to know that their president will help make a better environment for job growth. After retiring from the CIA, McMullin went to work for Goldman Sachs as a banking associate. He has worked in the private sector and during this time, he did not file for bankruptcy. He is an advocate for free trade, even in this anti-free trade environment created by the GOP. He wants to reform the tax code and make it easier for start-ups and small businesses to hire. This will help Generation Y find better jobs and also help raise wages naturally instead of the government inflating them.

Along with that, millennials want to help the impoverished. Long before he decided to run for office, McMullin has talked about how the government has dropped the ball in fighting poverty and how we need to find better ways to help people find jobs.

3.  Government Accountability

If there is one thing that millennials cannot stand, it is government cronyism. That is one of the factor that drove them to support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson's campaign. Both have positioned themselves as political outsiders that want to change the status quo. McMullin is a believer in federalism. He has publicly stated that a government is healthy when it is accountable to the citizens it serves. He has spoken about revoking President Obama's unlawful executive actions and turning that power back over to Congress and the states.

4.  Liberty

In discussing our natural rights guaranteed by the Constitution, McMullin has said that he supports the right to life, to keep and bear arms, and freedom of the press. He has routinely and consistently stood up for those rights and has promised that as president, he would defend those rights. On the issue of life in particular, Generation Y is one of the most pro-life generations in a long time. A study by the Barna Group found that 53 percent of millennials believe abortions should not be legal except in extreme circumstances.

5.  Congress

According to the Spring 2016 Harvard IOP poll, Congress only has an 18 percent confidence rating with Generation Y. McMullin has worked with the House of Representatives as a senior advisor to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and later served as the Chief Policy Director to the House Republican Conference. He works well with the Republican Congress, which means he may be well-situated to get things done.

All of these issues are things that matter to millennials and I believe that McMullin is on our side. I want to again state that this will not be an easy race for Evan McMullin. Not only did he declare late and after many state filing deadlines, but his name recognition is low. He has consistently polled last and while he is slowly rising, it could be too little too late.