As finding housing during and post-college grows increasingly more difficult, Paul Burke was quick to capitalize on the industry's struggles.

Burke, who caught the entrepreneurial bug at a young age, released a new app in May called "RentHoop."

The recent college grad was no stranger to the frustrations of searching for housing, and wanted to create a user-friendly app catered to young professionals in search of a house or apartment.

"There were no brands outside of Craigslist that people really knew, and nothing that someone my age would really want to use," Burke said.

"The lack of transparent housing options gave him the inspiration for RentHoop, which Burke describes as 'like Tinder for finding a roommate,'" NBC News' Caroline Ulwick said.

The app is formatted much like Tinder, matching "those seeking housing with one another using the swiping method," Ulwick explained. "RentHoop links to users' Facebook profiles, and provides information like budget, location and desired roommate qualities, as well as interests and mutual friends provided from Facebook."

"With RentHoop, you can see a focused snapshot of your potential roommate, and if someone's not the right fit, you can just move on," Burke said. "Ultimately success for me is connecting people."

Since its release, the new app has been downloaded nearly 5,600 times. As a young entrepreneur whose successes stemmed from one simple idea, Burke says "a nine-to-five job was never going to work for me, it wasn't intense enough, and I wish I could have known and accepted that earlier. I would tell myself to be bold in what I thought was true."