Millennials in Bangladesh have had enough with living under the fear, intimidation, and terror that Islamic jihadists have brought to their country.

On Monday, more than 100,000 students and teachers took to the streets arm-in-arm took to protest the rise of Islamic extremism in the religious Muslim-majority country. They came from hundreds of universities around the country and assembled in the nation's capital of Dhaka, demanding action against the recent terrorist attacks that have plagued the country.

The Daily Wire reported that students chanted, “Bangladesh stands against terrorism," and "we want peace; no place for terrorism.”

Organizers made sure that students led the charge against radical Islam, because recent terrorist attacks have been orchestrated by fellow millennial men.

The goal for many student groups is to transform the nation into a more secular country, but it has come at a cost. Several high profile young secularists have been murdered in Bangladesh, including blogger and activist Nazimuddin Samad who was killed with a machete back in April.

Bangladesh started a secular country, but became an Islamic state in 1988. Current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been tepid about reforming the country back to it's secular origin.

While the Islamic State doesn't have a strong hold in Bangladesh yet, students are worried that without strong reforms it will creep into the country. Especially with more terrorist attacks back extremists like the assault on a bakery in July that killed 29 people.