Not sure just how significant this development is in the history of the Republic, but just in case, here goes: Americans favor Wendy's fast food over McDonalds and Burger King, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports national survey of adults.

"Sixty one percent have at least a somewhat favorable view of Wendy’s, including 16% with a Very Favorable opinion," Rasmussen said. "Thirty-two percent regard Wendy's unfavorably, with 11% who have a very unfavorable view."

Ronald McDonald made it in second place, drawing a favorable raring from 56 percent of Rasmussen's respondents, and an unfavorable rating from 38 percent. Very unfavorable ratings totalled 18 percent for McDonalds.

Bringing up the rear in third place was Burger King,"with 51% who hold a favorable opinion, including 10% with a Very Favorable one. Forty-two percent have an unfavorable view of the burger chain, with 16% Very Unfavorable," according to Rasmussen.

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I don't know this for certain, but I am willing to get that somewhere in this great country somebody has done research to determine if there is a connection between one's fast food burger preferences and how one votes.

My guess would be that Burger King tends to attact Republicans because real men prefer red meat and because the Whopper is about as close as you can get these days to the classic traditional American hamburger with a grilled beef patty, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle, onion and mustard.

I would further guess that Wendy's attracts a lot of moderates and independents because of the chain's emphasis on "juicy"offerings, which is another way of saying squishy.

And finally I would guess that McDonald's is favored by Democrats because the menu offers so many variations on so many themes that it reminds customers of a Democratic National Convention platform.

Just my guess. Please remember that these musings are offered straight out of the cheek. And no I don't want to supersize it.