The list of ethics violations by former ways and means chairman Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., is a mile long -- everything from multiple instances of tax evasion to misusing the congressional parking garage. (See my column on Rangel for more on the litany of charges against him.) But according to Rangel himself, there's even more charges we don't know about:

[Rangel] also said something earlier, unprompted, that caught reporters who came to his event in Harlem by surprise — that there are "more alleged violations" that were looked at, apparently beyond what's been reported that House ethics probers have reviewed.

Rangel told the crowd, which included a group of constituents and students, that he had been asking for two years for House ethics investigators to look into his lack of reported rental income from a Dominican Republic condo, a donor letter for a CUNY center in his name that he wrote on congressional letterhead and his possession of four rent-stabilized apartments.

"They finally have investigated, and guess what, they have some more alleged violations so they're going to report this to the full committee," he said.