Sen. Rand Paul raised $7 million during his first quarter as a presidential candidate, the Kentucky Republican's campaign confirmed Friday evening.

The April to June haul was first reported by Breitbart News, which described Paul's take as "more than $7 million," including "receipts through the joint fundraising committee."

Paul, a Republican with libertarian roots, received money from 108,205 individuals, who gave an average contribution of $65, according to Breitbart's report. Paul announced for president April 7, and those figures, while respectable on their own, are not when matched up against the competition.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who declared for president in late March, brought in more than $4 million alone during his first week as a candidate, and finished the second quarter fundraising period with over $14.2 million raised. Retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, another conservative favorite, raked in $8.3 million from April to June, despite jumping into the 2016 race a month after Paul.

In May, the Paul campaign used the senator's opposition to extending the National Security Agency's bulk data collection program, including an hours-long filibuster-style speech to block the extension, to fuel a major grassroots fundraising program.

Disclosure: The author's wife works as an adviser to Scott Walker