Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul has followed up on his promise to "blow up the tax code" in his latest campaign advertisement as a GOP presidential candidate.

Paul released a humorous video on YouTube Tuesday detailing his plan to kill the tax code — "all 70,000 pages of it" — and replace it with his "Fair and Flat Tax" alternative.

The advertisement features Paul setting ablaze a heap of government red tape, funneling the tax code through a woodchipper, and taking a chainsaw to thousands of pages of neatly stacked documents. Following his antics, Paul asks Americans how they would "kill the tax code."

In mid-June, the junior senator unveiled a plan to reform the current tax code through a number of straightforward solutions including eliminating all payroll, estate, and gift taxes, and replacing the federal income tax brackets with a flat income tax rate of 14.5 percent. Paul has also pushed to undo several existing loopholes, deductions, and credits, and has previously said he'd like to "downsize" the Internal Revenue Service.

"Our Founders never intended for the tax code to be used as a weapon against U.S. citizens," Paul said on Tax Day. "As president, I will get the IRS out of your life and out of the way of every job creator in America."

Critics of flat tax proposals have described them as beneficial to the wealthy and incapable of generating as much revenue as the current system does.

"On a static basis, Sen. Paul's tax reform plan would lose nearly $3 trillion over a ten-year period, with an average annual cost of about $300 billion," states a recent report by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation. "If we account for the growth of the economy, over time this would lead to a smaller tax costs. We estimate the revenue loss at about $1 trillion on a dynamic basis."

Paul previously topped the field of GOP of candidates with his appeal to independent voters in a match-up with democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The Kentucky senator has usually polled in the middle of the pack, but recently dropped 5 percentage points in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll.