Republican presidential candidate Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., will keep up his efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and plans to "try to force a vote" to do so, he said Sunday.

In the wake of recently released undercover videos that show high level Planned Parenthood executives haggling over prices of aborted fetal organ parts, Paul said on "Fox News Sunday," "I think the time is now to discuss whether taxpayer dollars should be going to such a gruesome procedure."

"People are outraged by this and I think the American people deserve to have a vote on it," Paul said.

One Senate procedural trick that Paul plans to try includes a "discharge petition" — if at least 16 other senators sign on, Paul can force a vote.

"I think we might likely win that vote," he said.

Paul said Sunday morning he expected "they may block me today on a vote on an amendment to the highway bill" and he did not attempt any legislative moves that afternoon on the Senate floor, unlike Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah.

Lee unsuccessfully tried to submit an amendment to defund the abortion giant, which receives half a billion dollars in taxpayer funding each year. Several senators accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., of lying when he blocked a vote to defund Planned Parenthood.