U.S. Capitol Police arrested 85 protesters Tuesday afternoon for crowding and obstructing the east steps of the Capitol building, one day after arresting 400 Democracy Spring demonstrators for refusing to leave the entrance to the home of Congress.

Meanwhile, about 100 people surrounded House Speaker Paul Ryan's black sport utility vehicle as he attempted to leave the Capitol Hill Club in Washington.

Those arrested in the Monday and Tuesday incidents are part of a week-long peaceful movement meant to insist that lawmakers overhaul campaign finance laws, specifically reversing the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision.

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The 10-day march and protests were supported by dozens of progressive groups and individuals. But unlisted on Democracy Spring's website was the name of main organizer 99 Rise, a 501(c)(4) organization that advocates for certain social welfare views.

The group has called for three other reforms: updating voter registration procedures; developing a public campaign financing system; and restoring a provision of the Voting Rights Act that would allow Southern states to approve their own voting procedures.

The Democracy Spring movement started last week as 3,650 pledged participants marched from the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia to the nation's capital to demand Congress take action to keep dark money and super PACs out of campaigns. The mass sit-in is expected to continue through the week.