A super PAC promoting Donald Trump's presidential bid unveiled a new ad belittling Hillary Clinton and attacking the Clinton Foundation.

The Rebuilding America Now ad rebuts the Democratic nominee's remark that the former first family left the White House "dead broke."

"It didn't last long. A foundation was created and money started to roll," a narrator says in the ad. "Speeches, connections and donations. Misogynist regimes, Wall Street insiders, corrupt dictators. They all had one thing in common. Their check cleared."

While the pro-Trump super PAC is boosting the GOP nominee with advertising, the Trump campaign has dodged discussion of employing paid advertising.

"This campaign is focused on social media, free TV," said Trump national finance chairman Steven Mnuchin on CNBC last week. "There will be some paid ads, but this is not a conventional campaign."

There are 91 days until the election.