Little-known fact: most public school systems have a public relations office. They do everything from sending out press releases to helping reporters find data, with an occasional dab of yelling at reporters who write unflattering things about their press releases and/or data. In fact, Montgomery County's Office of Communications and Family Outreach was worth $10.6 million as of fiscal 2011. The more you know!

The current news in Prince George's County is that Superintendent William Hite is tossing his public relations department, or at least two two information officers: Darrell Pressley and Tanzi Barbour. Hite wouldn't tell The Washington Post why —personnel reasons and that whole dance — but it may have to do with the 4:30 a.m. robocalls that woke frantic parents up recently... only to find out, oh hey, it's just snowing.

We at The Examiner have always found Pressley and Barbour to be helpful, and wish them the best.