Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus made a surprise appearance at Donald Trump's afternoon campaign rally on Friday, during which he dismissed reports that the GOP is at odds over what to do with its nominee.

"Are you all ready to win?" Priebus shouted as he took the podium in Erie, Pa. "We're so honored to be working with Donald Trump and the campaign."

"They raised $80 million in July to beat Hillary Clinton," he noted. "Don't believe the garbage you read — let me tell you something, Donald Trump, the Republican Party, all of you we're going to put him in the White House and save this country together."

Priebus continued, "This man is going to win. He's going to save our country. He's going to put us back to work again [and] put money back in people's pockets."

Priebus' appearance comes as some Republicans are urging him to shift party resources toward House and Senate races and shun Trump, who has been at the center of several controversies since August began.

RNC officials were slated to meet with senior advisers to Trump on Friday to discuss how to get the GOP nominee's campaign back on track.