Hillary Clinton made a show trip of taking the subway Thursday to convey to New Yorkers she's just like them, and the press played along, even though Clinton struggled as she tried to navigate the system.

"Hillary Clinton is just your average person," Politico reported.

ABC News said in its own write-up, "Hillary Clinton was just like us today."

"Hillary Clinton took the New York City subway this morning, to show that she is a woman of the people," Gawker said.

The Democratic presidential candidate's subway trip, which was planned months in advance, was sidelined, however, when she failed several times to pay her fare and pass through the turnstile.

Not to worry, reporters said. This happens all the time.

The Democratic front-runner was joined on her subway junket through New York Thursday by her secret service detail, her traveling press corps and a gaggle of photojournalists.

Clinton, who has also not driven a car in 20 years, is not one for public transportation. It has been nearly two years since she last rode the subway, she told reporters Thursday.