Just in time for Chelsea Clinton's wedding, a local group plans to sing and pray at Vera Wang's bridal boutique in Chevy Chase.

Rocky Twyman, founder of the Pray at the Pump Movement, and fellow "prayer warriors" hope to persuade Wang to give discounts on wedding gowns to brides who use their receptions to raise money for victims of the Gulf oil spill. The group is urging Clinton to use her wedding for the same cause.

Since the group hasn't heard back from Clinton's people, they've switched to Vera Wang.

Why Wang?

Despite no confirmation Wang is the designer of Chelsea's gown, Twyman told Yeas & Nays it is because "Chelsea is using [Wang] and she deals with the privileged brides of our society. They're the only ones that can afford her gowns."

The protest is slated for Wednesday.

Contributed by Jesse McLean