From 'fancy pants' to fancy fundraisers! Who will think of the children? (fox news photo)

Republicans are having a gleeful moment over President Obama's plans to attend a fundraiser tonight at the Manhattan home of Vogue editor Anna Wintour. The price to attend is $30,400 a person -- egads! This is the Democrats? For a minute we thought we were back in the Bush days.

"The President Wears Prada"! thundered a Republican National Committee press release:

Glitzy Fundraisers, Posh Vacations, And Celebrity Concerts Show Obama’s Elitist Disconnect From The American People

Hmm. Well, at any rate, White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton dealt with this, the proper pronounciation of "Wintour," and other pressing issues of the day aboard Air Force One en route to NYC and The Jerz.

Q: We’ve got these two events today that are kind of night and day. You’ve got the sub shop, and then we’ve already got so many “Devil Wears Prada” jokes about the fundraiser at Anna Wintour’s house. Is that how you say it?  Wintar?

MR. BURTON: Wintour, I think.

Q: How do you reconcile the objects of going to these lavish fundraisers when the economy is what it is?

MR. BURTON: Well, as you know, the President is doing everything he can to get this economy moving in the right direction.  If you take a look at where we started and where we are now, we’ve obviously been able to make a lot of progress.  The President isn’t satisfied....

So obviously we’ve focused on the economy today. This evening, the President is doing what the President traditionally does, which is helping to raise money for the campaign season as things approach. I think that, in the same sense, the President has a wide variety of things that he has on his schedule every single day. Today is one of those days and he’s wearing a couple different hats.

Fancy hats? Burton also was asked about the oil spill, now in its 100th day: "a lot of progress" and whether Obama has any good jokes ready to go for his big taping of "The View" today.

"Wouldn’t that be weird if I was previewing the jokes?" Burton asked (No! -- JM).  "Then you’ve got Elizabeth Hasselbeck not laughing because she already knows the punch line. I’m not doing that."