Early results from Public Policy Polling suggest that Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's retirement isn't going to be the Democrats' big chance at a Senate seat pickup. They tested four different Republicans (notably, Ted Cruz wasn't included) against three different Democrats (Chet Edwards was), and none of the twelve matchups look like barn-burners.

[W]e picked four Republicans (David Dewhurst, Elizabeth Ames Jones, Tom Leppert, and Michael Williams) and three Democrats (John Sharp, Chet Edwards, and Julian Castro) to look at in this initial poll.Dewhurst polls the strongest of everyone we looked at with an average lead of 22 points over the three Democrats- 18 over Sharp, 19 over Edwards, and 28 over Castro. Leppert does next best with an average lead of 17 points- 12 over Sharp, 16 over Edwards, and 23 over Castro. Jones has a 16 point average lead- 13 over Edwards, 14 over Sharp, and 21 over Castro. And Williams has a 14 point average lead- 11 over Edwards, 12 over Sharp, and 19 over Castro.