The Republican Primary was supposed to be about experience vs. a new generation, establishment vs. Tea Party, hawkishness vs. a humbler foreign policy, populism vs. pro-business and compassion vs. conservatism.

Instead, it's all about Donald Trump.

With Labor Day behind us, and Republican voters beginning to focus on the presidential primary, the Washington Examiner introduces its Power Rankings — laying out which candidates are having the biggest impact on the race.

These aren't bare poll standings — those don't reflect candidate fundamentals, local strengths and weaknesses, and trajectory. They also aren't simple predictions of who will win, because a candidate's significance in the race often goes far beyond their likelihood to actually carry the nomination.

That's exactly what we're seeing with Trump. The brash billionaire tops all the national polls, and also Iowa and New Hampshire polls. Of course, Herman Cain was leading the polls at this time four years ago, so one shouldn't read too much into a Labor Day lead.

But Trump is far more significant than Cain was. Trump's lead reflects the deep dismay with the political establishment felt on the Right, but also in the Center and the Left. Trump has made immigration a central issue, in a way that has challenged some candidates, but potentially provided an opportunity to others.

And just how to deal with Trump is a vexing question. Some are handling it better than others.

Even if Trump lacks the experience, character, and organization to win the nomination, he certainly has the charisma, money, and personality to set the tone.