With Rob Lowe on board, producers for "Potomac Fever" have broadened their search for the perfect Washington cast for the city's newest reality television series.

"We've reopened the casting based on the response we've gotten," said Stephanie Drachkovitch, executive vice president and co-owner of 44 Blue Productions Inc., which conceived the D.C.-based show. "If there's someone out there that we should know about, we want to know about them."

The series will chronicle the lives of five to seven young and successful Washingtonians, but who they are still remains a question mark. Initially several media people were connected with the project -- including MIX 107.3 DJ Tommy McFly and WUSA-9 traffic reporter Angie Goff -- when they were spotted being tailed by cameras, but Drachkovitch assures us that the full cast will be more representative of the city.

"The cast is not confirmed or set in stone or anything, it's all very fluid," Drachkovitch said. "We aren't just casting it on the Hill, we aren't just casting it in media," she said, adding that they had some lobbyists, politicos and political analysts as well.

The series, if bought by a network, won't air until at least next year.