A woman living off H Street Northeast wondered what the noise was outside of her home. She opened the door and heard opera music -- an odd choice for her usually hip-hop- and Latin-loving neighbors.

She remained puzzled, however, about where the very loud music was coming from until she walked farther into the street and saw the new condo building under construction a stone's throw from her house.

Apparently her neighborhood construction workers liked classical music with their bag lunches -- who knew?


A Kensington resident's flight home from New Orleans was canceled because thunderstorms were wreaking havoc across half the country.

When the next morning's flight, filled mostly with delayed passengers, touched down on the BWI runway, the young male flight attendant announced: "We're 10 minutes early. We hope we have not inconvenienced you in any way. Remember this the next time we're five minutes late!"

A passenger who had been on the canceled fight responded to his Kensington seatmate: "He shouldn't have said that."

Indeed. They sat on the runway for 15 minutes waiting for a gate to clear.

And they arrived at the gate five minutes late.


Friday is trash day in one middle-class Southeast neighborhood, and the large green supercans are ubiquitous each and every Friday morning.

On one quiet street, a retired man helped out some of his working neighbors by rolling their emptied trash cans back from the curbs after the garbage truck had come and gone.

On a recent Friday, one working neighbor came home and, as usual, chatted with the retired neighbor on his front porch. The retiree noted that the worker had forgotten to put his trash out for pickup. But the working neighbor had to laugh, as he informed the retiree that the economy has been so hard on him and many others of late that this week he didn't even have any trash.


On the morning of her third birthday, a Prince George's County girl rushed into her sleeping parents' bedroom and asked if she could snuggle with them and watch a movie.

The mother, noticing the early hour, acquiesced to buy a little more sleep time. She reached for the remote and tried to flip on the on-demand channel, but the device was taking forever.

Sensing her mother's frustration, the young girl put her hand on her mother's hand, looked up at her and counseled, "It's OK, Mommy, just be patient."

When her mother started to laugh, the girl put her fingers to her lips. "Shhh, Mommy," she said. "Don't wake up Papa."

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