After the first major inter party GOP battle, the score is Donald Trump 1 to Sen. John McCain zero.

A new Rasmussen Reports poll taken after Trump 'dissed McCain's prison time in the "Hanoi Hilton" as a POW during the Vietnam War, likely Republican voters gave Trump a 52 percent favorable rating. McCain received a 51 percent favorable rating.

But support from Trump is broader among those giving him a "very favorable" rating. For Trump it was 26 percent versus 14 percent for McCain.

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Among all likely voters, the story is different, said Rasmussen, with nearly half having a "very unfavorable" opinion. Those results:


-- Very favorable - 15 percent.

-- Somewhat favorable - 19 percent.

-- Somewhat unfavorable - 18 percent.

-- Very unfavorable - 46 percent.

-- Unsure - 2 percent.


-- Very favorable - 9 percent.

-- Somewhat favorable - 35 percent.

-- Somewhat unfavorable - 29 percent.

-- Very unfavorable - 19 percent.

-- Unsure - 9 percent.

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