Donald Trump has cut down Hillary Clinton's lead to just 2 points when put up against the Green and Libertarian Party candidates, according to a Fox News poll of registered voters.

The Republican nominee's 39 percent of the vote puts him within striking distance of the Democrat due to the Aug. 28-30 survey's 3-point margin of error.

In just a two-way race, Clinton leads 48 percent to 42 percent. But even here, Trump is gaining on her.

Clinton's 10-point lead over Trump has shrunk since early August. Trump gained 3 points while Clinton dropped 1. Trump is climbing back up to his May high, when 45 percent of voters picked him in a hypothetical match-up against Clinton.

Trump's favorable ratings also peaked at 42 percent while his unfavorable ratings dropped to 56 percent, the lowest since May.

Trump's comeback is likely due to scripted speeches and a toned-down, in-control communications style that has reassured Republicans and some independents he is capable of being responsible for the country's safety and prosperity. Clinton has also faced new scrutiny for the relationship between her family foundation and the State Department while she was secretary of state.

Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research surveyed 1,011 national registered voters. All of the polls had a 3 percent margin of error.