Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is in a tie with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Georgia with less than three months until election day.

According to a new poll by Fox 5 in Atlanta, Trump and Clinton are tied with 43 percent each. This new poll is a boon for the Clinton campaign, showing that the state could be competitive in November despite its long held support for Republicans.

Overall, Clinton owns the slightest of leads in the Peach State, topping Trump by less than a point (43.3-43 percent), according to the latest RealClearPolitics average.

It also could force Trump to focus precious time and resources in the state. The Trump campaign is set to start running television advertisements in key battleground states. He is reportedly set to run $4.9 million worth of ads over the next ten days in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina — all crucial for Trump's electoral success.

Georgia is a traditionally red state in presidential elections, having voted Republican in every election dating back to 1996. However, it hasn't gone overwhelmingly for Republicans in the past two elections. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney beat President Barack Obama by an 8-point margin in 2012, while Sen. John McCain topped Obama by only 6 points in 2008.