While most Democrats are dismissing Donald Trump's claim that Hillary Clinton is the devil, a new poll shows that some of Clinton's supporters aren't sure if she has some ties to the devil, and a few Democrats think Clinton and the devil are linked somehow.

A Public Policy Polling survey released this week said 12 percent of Clinton supporters aren't sure if she has ties to Lucifer, while 2 percent of her supporters say those ties are real.

Those numbers get higher when only Republicans are asked: Thirty-three percent say there's a link, and 31 percent weren't sure.

The poll asked voters whether Clinton "has ties to Lucifer or not." When Republican and Democratic voters are combined, 18 percent said she does have ties, and 21 percent weren't sure.

Trump said Monday that former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders "made a deal with the devil" by endorsing Clinton rather than just ending his campaign and remaining silent.

"She's the devil," Trump said at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania. "He made a deal with the devil. It's true."