Despite potential problems with the top of the ticket, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman holds a solid lead in his fight for re-election, according to a new poll released Monday.

According to the latest Monmouth poll, Portman leads former Gov. Ted Strickland by an 8-point margin, taking home 48 percent support to Strickland's 40 percent with two-and-a-half months left until election day. Four percent say they will vote for someone else, while 8 percent remain undecided.

Portman holds a few key advantages in the race at the moment. He leads by 10 points among independents (47-37), while also pulling more support from fellow Republicans (88 percent) than Strickland does from Democrats (76 percent).

Voters also hold Portman in relatively high regard, with 39 percent approving of his job and only 29 percent disapproving. Twenty-eight percent of voters also have a favorable view of him, compared to only 20 percent unfavorable, while a whopping 52 percent don't hold an opinion one way or another.

By contrast, Strickland's favorable ratings are underwater, with only 27 percent viewing him favorably and 37 percent unfavorably, while 41 percent don't have an opinion.

Portman also is running 12 points ahead of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who trails former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by 4 points (43-39 percent) in Monmouth's latest survey of the presidential contest in Ohio.

Overall, Portman holds a 6-point lead over Strickland (44.6-38.6 percent), according to the latest RealClearPolitics average.