Liberal media bias has become so bad in political reporting that a majority of voters believe it is a bigger problem in politics than big-dollar secret contributions, and even more feel that "most reporters" will work to reelect President Obama.

Rasmussen Reports Tuesday revealed poll results that 47 percent of likely voters feel that "media bias is a bigger problem in politics today than big campaign contributions." Fewer, 42 percent, say money is more evil.

Worse for the media, 51 percent believe that "most reporters will try to help the president," while just 9 percent will go to bat for Republican Mitt Romney. The polling is just the latest to slam media bias, with most still viewing the TV, internet and print reporters on the left's payroll.

Republicans and conservatives overwhelmingly believe that their side of the political story isn't being told by the media. According to Rasmussen, 69 percent of Republicans and 72 percent of conservatives say media bias is worse than big money in politics. Democrats don't buy it. Just 30 percent say bias is worse than money.