Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has extended her lead over Republican Donald Trump to a commanding 46 points among registered U.S. Hispanic voters, a Fox New Latino poll released Thursday found.

Clinton and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine soared to 66 percent in the Aug. 7-10 poll — a 4-point jump since May, but the first time running mates have been included in the poll. Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence dropped from 23 percent in that time to 20 percent.

Both main party tickets fared worse when Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson and former Mass. Gov. Bill Weld were added to the mix. The former New Mexico governor has nearly doubled his amount of support since May, from 9 percent to 16 percent. Trump received 17 percent of Latino voters' support, barely above Johnson. Clinton received the majority at 59 percent.

The real estate mogul has typically won a majority of male voters while Clinton normally wins with women. But U.S. Hispanic voters are an exception with 56 percent of men backing Clinton and only 26 percent supporting Trump. Clinton also won 75 percent of women voters.

Latinos' overwhelming approval of Clinton may not be enough to tip the election in her favor. While 27.3 million Hispanics will be eligible to vote this November, the election may come down to battleground states, where this demographic could play a critical role tilting states in Clinton's favor.

The poll was conducted by Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Comany Research over the phone with 803 Latino registered voters and had 3.5 margin of error.