Vice President Kamala Harris said she does not have her eyes set on a U.S. Supreme Court seat in a new interview and also talked about her "love" of electric vehicles.

When asked by CBS’s Margaret Brennan about possible Supreme Court aspirations, Harris said she enjoys having a more robust impact on daily policy.

“I’m much more active, I think in terms of — not that Supreme Court Justices don’t have a huge impact,” Harris said. “But right now, I like what I’m doing."

Harris added that she loves electrical vehicles.

“I’m a geek when it comes down to it, and what we have the capacity to do,” Harris said.

The vice president recently attended an electric vehicle demonstration as part of a tour of the Brandywine Maintenance Facility in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The tour was intended to highlight investments in electric vehicles as part of the administration's new infrastructure policies.

It was during that demonstration that Harris appeared unfamiliar with the charging process, causing many to rip her on social media.

In her interview with Brennan, Harris stated that electric vehicles are important to her because of the impact that diesel bus fumes have on children’s health.

She also touted her ability, as the first female vice president, to show families that they do not have to be confined by previous norms.

“I think of empowering their kids to know they can do anything they want, not be confined by who has traditionally done what,” Harris said. “I think that is one of the things that gives me joy.”


Harris noted that injustice gets her fired up and that fairness is very important to her.