President Trump said in an interview that aired Tuesday that the reason Democrats don’t win elections is because they are “negative” towards the military, law enforcement, and cracking down on border security and illegal immigration.

“[Democrats] are very negative on the military, and they’ve very negative on law enforcement and the border,” Trump told Fox Business in an exclusive interview. “And I don’t see how they win elections that way.”

Trump says that he believes the Republicans will surprise people in the 2018 midterm elections and at least hold on to their slight majority in Congress.

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Democrats have touted a “blue wave” coming through in the midterms, claiming that they will be able to take back a majority in at least one of the chambers of Congress.

Trump said that the Obama administration “starved the military” financially, but claims that what he did, by giving them a 10 percent raise, was more popular.

He also believes his push to increase border security, including building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border and cracking down on illegal immigration, is popular among American voters.

Trump has hit the campaign trail in the past few months to increase enthusiasm from his base to vote during the 2018 elections so Republicans can keep their majority.