Democrats are ramping up their efforts to mobilize Asian American voters, launching a multimillion-dollar investment aimed at increasing the demographic’s turnout for the midterm elections in November.

The new super PAC, called Justice Unites Us, will invest millions of dollars into mobilization efforts to engage Asian American voters, who have become the fastest-growing ethnic or racial group in the country, turning out in record numbers in 2020. Democrats are hoping to use that momentum to their advantage, maintaining their historic popularity with the demographic.


“[Asian Americans' and Pacific Islanders'] political participation has traditionally lagged behind other racial and ethnic groups because major political parties have failed to invest in mobilizing this critical swath of voters,” Minh Nguyen, a Democratic strategist and executive director of the new super PAC, told NBC. “But in 2020, that changed for the better.”

The group has already quietly invested $850,000 so far this year in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Nevada, each acting as battleground states with key Senate races that could determine which party gains control of Congress in November. The group is expected to spend much more, although the exact amount isn't clear.

The money will go toward increasing mobilization efforts, such as door-to-door-canvassing, as well as partnering with small businesses that are hubs of immigrant communities, including local restaurants and grocery stores, the group told the outlet.

The recent efforts mirror similar efforts from the Democratic Party to invest “presidential-level” sums as it seeks to make headway with Latino voters, announcing a seven-figure investment to reach voters ahead of the midterm elections.


Asian American and Pacific Islander voters saw massive voter turnout in 2020, marking the highest increase of engagement compared to any other demographic, according to the U.S. Current Population Survey. Although the group largely backed President Joe Biden (63%) over Donald Trump (31%) in 2020, Asian American and Pacific Islander support shifted toward Republicans in 11 battleground states compared to the 2016 election, prompting concerns as Democrats seek to maintain control of Congress.

However, Asian Americans have largely remained more likely to support Democratic candidates, with the majority of the demographic supporting the party in high-profile elections in November 2021.