British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces his first electoral test since "partygate" as voters in the United Kingdom head to the polls on Thursday to vote in the first local election since the scandal broke.

Although no change will occur in Parliament from Thursday's votes, it will give the Conservative Party an important insight into the views of the country at large. Johnson's leadership has received mixed reviews, but his response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine has helped soften the blow of a fine over his breaking COVID-19 protocols during lockdown. However, the scandal has damaged the Conservative Party's reputation, especially when party leaders failed to condemn Johnson publicly.

Predictions indicate the Conservative Party could lose hundreds of seats, according to the Associated Press. If it does, the loss could trigger a no-confidence vote for Johnson in Parliament.


"These elections are without doubt the biggest test of Boris Johnson since the 2019 general election and come after what has been a very difficult time for him and his government," Tony Travers, a professor at the London School of Economics, told Reuters.

However, if the party does well in the elections, it could imply Britons are more concerned with problems such as the cost of living in the country. The costs of food and fuel have both gone up as a result of sanctions the U.K. has placed on Russia, and the local elections will also affect things such as which party is in control of collecting garbage, fixing potholes, and handling other services in local districts.

Johnson, in an appeal to voters, urged them to vote Conservative on the local level.

"It is Conservatives who deliver," Johnson said on social media. "It is Conservatives who get the bins collected, fill in pot holes."

Elections are being held in 146 of the 300 local councils, including all 32 boroughs in London. There are currently 4,360 seats on those councils up for grabs, along with several mayoral elections. All 32 Scottish and 22 Welsh councils are also being contested as well as all 90 councils in Northern Ireland. Two key areas in London, Wandsworth and Westminster, which are notoriously Conservative areas, are within reach of the Labour Party, according to the outlet.


Polls close at 10 p.m. on Thursday, but election results are not expected to be announced until Friday.