A private school in Washington state received a donation of several books from the insurance company State Farm that were targeted at kindergartners and discussed transgenderism despite the company's claim that they did not encourage such donations to schools.

In a Facebook post dated April 2, Seabury School in Tacoma touted State Farm's donation of three books produced by the GenderCool Project that promote transgenderism to children aged 5 and over.

Seabury School published a Facebook post touting the book donation by State Farm.
Seabury School published a Facebook post touting the book donation by State Farm. (Screenshot / Facebook)

The newly unearthed social media post cast doubt on State Farm's claims that they did not encourage employee volunteers, who donated the books as part of their company partnership with GenderCool, to give them to schools.

On Monday, an email provided by a whistleblower to the nonprofit consumer advocacy organization Consumers' Research revealed that State Farm had been recruiting agent volunteers in Florida to donate the packet of books to schools and public libraries. The three books are titled A Kids Book About Being Transgender, A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary, and A Kids Book About Being Inclusive.


In a statement to the Washington Examiner on Monday in response to the whistleblower email, State Farm claimed that "the strategy around this program has evolved, and participants are not being asked to share with schools."

But in the Facebook post, Seabury School thanks State Farm for providing the books for their library, saying, "THANK YOU to #StateFarm and #TheGenderCoolProject for helping us be an inclusive environment — one that we strive to be and welcomes all!"

State Farm did not respond to a request for comment about the school's post.

In a statement provided to the Washington Examiner, Consumers' Research Executive Director Will Hild blasted the company for denying that the books were provided to schools.


"State Farm used to be a family-first brand that stood for real American values. Now, State Farm is peddling transgender-in-training books to kindergarten classrooms and lying about it because they got caught," Hild said. "It is clear that State Farm was asking their agents to donate these books to schools. It is literally written in the email we received, and there are even photos on social media of schools with the books they received. Maybe if State Farm focused on insurance instead of woke politics, they wouldn’t have to lie."