More human skeletal remains were found this weekend at Lake Mead, authorities said, the second set of remains found at the reservoir this month amid severe drought conditions that have caused water levels to recede.

National Park Service authorities said they were contacted Saturday by visitors who reported bones while paddleboarding near the Callville Bay recreation area. Authorities said they do not suspect foul play, though the investigation is ongoing.

Drought conditions in the West have caused Lake Mead to drop to below 1,056 feet in elevation earlier this month, well below its maximum capacity levels of roughly 1,220 feet. Authorities said then that they believe more bodies are “likely” to appear there as droughts afflict the West.

The discovery of a second body comes just days after Las Vegas authorities reported the discovery of a body in a barrel on May 1. Authorities have since announced that victim appears to have been shot, adding that that person’s remains may have been there for as long as four decades.


“It’s going to be a very difficult case,” Las Vegas Metro police homicide detective Lt. Ray Spencer said of the first discovery. “I would say there is a very good chance as the water level drops that we are going to find additional human remains.”