President Trump warned California on Tuesday that Washington will be forced to cut it off from federal wildfire funds if it doesn't manage its forests in line with his administration's suggestions.

"California, get on the ball because we aren't going to hand you any more money," Trump said in addressing local leaders from California, Alaska, and Hawaii as part of the White House's State Leadership Day.

“We're tired of giving California hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars all the time for their forest fires when you wouldn’t have them if they manage their forests properly,” Trump said.

Trump reiterated his stance that environmental restrictions on removing dead trees and other forest waste are creating the disastrous fires impacting the state.

He also said his recent order to build out water infrastructure to transport water to dry areas in the Golden State could also help with the fires.

Water has been held back from dry areas of the state to protect a type of fish, called a smelt, that has been deemed threatened.

"I said ‘you must have a tremendous drought going on.’ They said ‘no, we have so much water we don’t know what to do with it. But they don’t let the water come down to us," Trump recalled on Tuesday from a trip he took to the state before becoming president. "It naturally flows to us. They won’t let it. They send it out into the Pacific Ocean. Millions and millions and millions of gallons. We have the greatest farmland anywhere in the world, but they won’t give us water.”

Trump said the fish is doing poorly and not recovering despite the water restrictions in the state.